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Barfoots graces primetime BBC show

Exotics specialist featured on The One Show during a report by food critic Jay Rayner into sustainable agriculture Barfoots of Botley has featured on a primetime national BBC One TV.. read more

Mexico’s finest street food! The humble corn on the cob is grilled or placed on a BBQ then spread with a homemade sauce of cheese, chili, lime and mayonnaise

Sweetcorn sales are rocketing

Thanks to a scorching British summer sweetcorn sales have rocketed. Cob harvest soars along with demand while a surge in all kinds of home-grown produce brings melons and figs into supermarkets… read more


‘Earliest start ever’ for U.K. sweet corn grower

Sweet corn sales have soared in the U.K. thanks to one of the sunniest summers in recent history. And with a penchant for al fresco barbecue dining right now, British.. read more